Affiliate Marketers

AdQub is a performance-based digital advertising
pop/push/social/native platform for advertisers publishers
and affiliate marketers.

Make your campaign work
Make your traffic convert

If the name AdQub doesn’t say much to you, then maybe you should refine your knowledge on high-quality ad networks.

AdQub is a network that aims at precision targeting rather than high volumes of traffic. No RON campaigns just to see if something sticks. With AdQub you can launch Run-On-Site campaigns that get traffic from carefully picked sites. read more on our blog

For Advertisers

WW Traffic

Pop/Push/Native/Social Performance Based Traffic on CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI models

Small deposit

Start your first campaign today using our various payments methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum, Skrill, WireTransfer and more

SSP or Managed

User-friendly Self-Service or the Personal Manager and the Advanced targetings options: geo, site, device type and more


We run ads from all existing verticals, but are
mainly focused on

App installs



Pin submits





For Publishers

Best converting campgins with hight eCPM

advertisers and

Remnant traffic monetization

About Us

AdQub is an affiliate marketers boutique, we don’t just provide you with the results, we help you to achieve them with us.

We spend more time with our customers than with our families. We get involved more than any other typical Ad Network would. We do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.

AdQub is a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs , if we cant help with the technology we got, we might give you an advice or reffer someone from our extensive connections list accumulated during the years of expertise in the industry

We provide Performance advertising solutions for all customers segments
- Affiliate Marketers,
- AdAgencies,
- AdNetworks,
- Direct Clients,
- CPA Networks

Drive converting traffic to any vertical or niche offer.
Launch and scale campaigns rapidly.
Good is never good enough for the AdQub team, thats why we do it AdQub way.

Drop us message for any query